Top 5 Benefits of Having a Website

Unless you’re not interested in growing your business or organization brand of which you are, you need a professional website.

Today, having a company or organization website is as crucial as having an office or telephone number. Research has found that 6/10 customers expect brands to have a lot about themselves and what they do online. If you own or operate a business which hasn't taken that step into the online world, here are 5 reasons that will leave you wondering why you hadn't done it sooner:

#1 Your 24/7 Receptionist

Having a website means customers are always able to find you – anytime, anywhere. Even outside of business hours, your website continues to find and secure new customers. It offers the user convenience as they can access the information they need in the comfort of their own home,

with no added pressure to buy. Plus, as most companies nowadays have their own website, there’s every chance you could be losing customers to your competitors by staying offline. Get yourself a great 24/7 Receptionist today from your best yet affordable Digital Marketing company, Mbuna Inc.

#2 Your customers expect it

If this were the only reason on the list, it would be enough. Six out of your ten consumers expect you to be online and provide crucial information about your business and that’s your products and services. If you don’t have a business website, today’s digital-savvy (and impatient) customers may look elsewhere.

#3 Your business gains credibility

More and more people are searching online for things they want, for solutions to their problems, to compare prices or just to get some information about a company’s products or services before they purchase from them.

Having a website will not only provide the information your customers are looking for, but it will give your business credibility. Your website says, "I am here, I mean business, and I am in it for the long haul.Mbuna Quique

#4 It saves you money on the long term

Compared with the cost of traditional means of advertising, such as newspaper ads, radio commercials, promotional materials and even networking events that often include the cost of a meal or trade tables, when you consider the potential market you can reach with a website, it is a very cost effective way to promote your business on the long term.

Even if you need to continually pay your website designer/developer to maintain and update your website for you, the upkeep costs are still lower than ongoing traditional marketing and the investment is certainly worth the number of potential customers that will find your business online each year.

#5 It improves customer service

A website is a great way to provide value added service to your customers and clients, and is a great way to keep them coming back to your when they need your products or services.

No matter what products you sell, you can share tips to your customers on how to use or care for the products they’ve purchased from you. If it’s compression garments, you can provide tips on how to wear their garments. If you sell beverages, such as tea or coffee, you can provide brewing times and temperatures.

If you offer a service, such as accounting, you can provide your clients valuable advice to help them pay less tax at tax time or how to simplify their bookkeeping. Or if you’re in insurance, you could give advice on how to choose the right insurance policy for theirs or their family’s needs.

By including a FAQ page or a resources section, you can regularly add articles or upload newsletters to answer all your customers’ questions you can keep them better informed and up-to-date