The digital era – why it is an error not to include it in your marketing strategies

4 points Companies need in building Strong Marketing Strategies

The world hasn’t stopped for anyone. And we haven’t stopped to adopt and adapt to new ways of doing things.

Look at how busy the world is becoming? Do people really have that much time watching Television at home and watch those Business Adverts? Talk of Radios! And Newspapers or Print Magazines, how many Adverts do we stop into when we are reading one?

Much as Print and Televisions may still be there in our lives, we can also accept that the Digital Era has brought in - easier, effective, real-time and affordable ways in which Businesses can build their Marketing Strategies and maximize their Returns On Investments (ROI). Here is how;

#1 Build your Marketing foundation on your website.

In this Digital Age that we live in, you need two important assets to build a thriving business. You need a website and to be building an email list. These are your main Marketing assets. When you build the foundation of your business on other people’s platforms -such as TV/Radio/Print Advertising, you are giving up the control of your business. Neither do you have any real time results if relying on such Traditional Advertising is working.

Your website is where you should send potential customers to see your expertise and start the process of knowing, liking, and trusting you. Remember the last tender you applied for? Or just when your client asked you to show them your recent work? Make it easy with  website. Clients and prospective clients should be able to sign up for your email list because they might not be ready to buy at that moment. With them on your email list, you can nurture them and add value through your content. That’s what will lead to the sale later.

#2 Have a diverse marketing plan

A strong marketing plan mixes in many elements and mediums. It’s not reliant on any one thing because as we’ve seen, that can be dangerous. Social media marketing is important because there are billions of daily users. However, even within the realm of social media are different ways to market. You can pay for ads, post organically, use Facebook groups, use Live video or chatbots. The list could go on. But you add layers and diversity to your plan. Don’t rely on any one thing. Create a marketing plan that survives outages-or worse.

#3 Clarity - Stand out in a noisy Business world

Effective marketing happens with clarity. You have to know who you’re trying to reach and what problem you’ll solve for that group. You then look to where that audience frequents and you create messages to reach them. You choose the mediums and platforms that make the most sense for your business. If you’re going to experience explosive growth, it’s going to require more work and thinking long term.

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#4 Never stop building your audience.

The ability to reach your audience will determine the success of your business. The way you grow that audience is the difference between growth levels. To grow, your audience must grow. The efforts you make into building your audience, especially online, will add money to your bottom line.

Put out free content that educates your audience. They will share it and invite others. Put in the places where your audience frequents online and offline - be active in your outreach efforts. Leverage others who have audiences with joint partnerships and training. Build your business with a diverse marketing plan and revenue streams. If your business is fine and growing, keep doing the work but never sleep on it, keep doing what’s building every part of your business!